Creative marketing communications agency with a passion to change the industry.

Our passion is maximum exposure and game changing results through storytelling.

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BLOOM Agency

About Us

BLOOM was born out of one woman’s passion for brand storytelling and seeing a better way to engage our client’s brand audiences.

Our vision is to be nationally recognized as the most innovative and dedicated marketing communications agency which is fueled with passion to deliver maximum exposure and game-changing results.

Our mission is to engage, influence and build strong relationships with brands’ target audiences through brand storytelling. To unleash the limitless potential of emotional connection. To break through the noise and create brands that stand out.

Our philosophy

We believe brand storytelling is an essential part of a brand’s DNA. It is also a fundamental foundation for an effective marketing communications strategy which will ultimately maximize business’s visibility, profit, and impact.

In a world of unlimited content and noise the marketplace for brand communications is crowded. That’s why an effective PR and communications strategy needs more than just visibility in the media. It needs storytelling because it makes brands stand out. It strengthens and increases the audiences’ engagement by creating an emotional connection. Once a brand has that story, its ability to reach the audience is limitless. We help our brands craft their ideas into compelling stories, which leads to maximum exposure and game-changing results.

We also believe PR should be integrated with other marketing activities, such as advertising to create the maximum impact and effect. Whether your objective for the brand's advertising campaign is driving sales or increasing brand awareness, our creative, data-based and strategic approach will aim for creating the maximum results.

Our founder

Elina Ahokas is a creative-minded yet analytics-driven professional with 20 years of branding, PR, communications and media experience. Today she is known as one of Finland’s foremost experts in PR, strategic communications and influencer marketing.

Throughout her career Elina has worked with well-known brands in the beauty and well-being, food & beverages, home decor, fashion and trade industry. She has created ground-breaking success stories, overseen powerful brand voices that have transformed market positioning, and led distinctive and successful brand launches.

Elina believes that in the digital world with unlimited content and noise, brand storytelling is more relevant now than ever. She is currently working on a non-fiction book on brand storytelling. In 2020 Elina was presented The Good Communicator Award by the Association of Beauty Journalists.

Elina has huge passion for her work, and she is willing to go above-and-beyond to serve all the stakeholders.

We are part of Scandi PR Group alliance

Scandi PR Group a dedicated group of communications specialists comprised of local experts in each market. We operate in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark as individual agencies, with the joint strength of our Nordic network. We provide clients with the upside of dealing with one partner and the benefits of unprecedented in-depth knowledge of each market. Go north with us!