Why is storytelling so powerful?

Why is storytelling so powerful?


100% of the brands want to develop real connections with their audiences. Still, most brands miss out on doing things that create genuine connection. Because they lack a great brand story. Why is storytelling so powerful? It’s about neuroscience. When we hear about brand’s facts such as pioneering skincare technology explained in detail, most likely two areas of the brain’s language centers, Wernicke’s area and Broca’s area are activated to translate the information into meaning. That’s all it does in our brain. It doesn’t unleash the emotional connection with the brand. The message gets easily lost in a world of noise.

When we hear or see a good story, lots of areas of the brain light up, including the parts we would use if we were experiencing the events of a story ourselves. These are linked to things like movement, smell, taste, hearing, vision and touch. Our brains respond to the events of a story as if they’re actually happening to us. On a chemical level, our brains release “feel good hormones.” Dopamine and oxytocin. Why does that matter? Dopamine makes us remember the brand. Oxytocin relaxes us: it creates empathy – and that builds generosity, trust and promotes bonding with the brand. That’s why brand stories light up our emotions, get our attention, inspire us, and stay with us.